Culinary Space

The culinary space, under our Gastronomic Director and new chef Ariadna Julian is a meeting place in the service of wine. As such, it fulfils a vital function in opening up the cellar. It offers cuisine with deep roots, well-matched to wine, which respects the essence of every product. Dishes steeped in a traditional gastronomy which is both authentic and continually updated. The cuisine pays homage to the remarkable work of our suppliers: men and women who are passionate about their land. Food, in short, which invites you to uncork bottles, to experiment and to indulge yourself.

We have updated the summer menu with new dishes such as our GREEN BEANS, cherries, almonds and L’Escala anchovies, TUNA lightly smoked, aubergine and ginger, ORGANIC LAMB from Pallars, mint and cucumber continue with the Pullet a la brasa for 2 people or the tender beef shank a la brasa as well.

Not forgetting, of course, our new desserts, such as a Pear tatin with almond cream, a Saint Honoré,  or our citrics flavors with mandarin orange, caramel and salted butter.

We work with local producers and harvesters who care for and respect their natural environment and are an essential part of the culture of our country.